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The show sold out as hundreds lined up to get in...

Last Friday, March 19, Donovan and several talented musicians came together for a unique and memorable evening–a benefit concert for the David Lynch Foundation.

Over 1,000 excited guests packed the historic El Rey Theatre on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. Live online streaming of the concert extended the audience to thousands over the web. You can watch the replay of the concert on DLF.TV at

The evening began with performances by opening bands, Everyboy and Blessed Le Strange. There was an auction for a date with actor (and concert host) Matthew St. Patrick that reached $750, and a video about the David Lynch Foundation and implementing Transcendental Meditation in schools. David Lynch himself introduced Donovan, who appeared on stage around 9:30 PM (Los Angeles time). Donovan opened the concert with his classic Sunshine Superman, backed by the band that would accompany him on most of the songs.

Donovan played several of his well-known hits such as, Wear Your Love Like Heaven, Season of the Witch, and Mellow Yellow. He also played some of his more rare songs such as (my favorite) Yellow Star. Donovan was accompanied by a band and his daughter Astrella Celeste for the majority of his set.

Other artists of the evening included: Jerry Vivino, Scott Healy & Rick Reed (from the Conan O’Brien Late Night Band), Lanny Cordola & Matt Sorum (of Guns n Roses and Velvet Revolver), POE, Amrita Sen, Danny Saber (Black Grape/Alice Cooper), Poe, and Carla Olson (Textones).

The promotion for this event took on a life of its own. We had interview spots on every major radio station in LA including KCRW, Breakfast with the Beatles and 100.3 the Sound. Good Day LA ran a great interview with Donovan and Astrella, and LA blogs had a field day announcing the line-up. See an in-depth interview with Donovan on Huffington Post.

The evening’s hosts, Mathew St. Patrick and Adam Gaynor, led a charity auction in between sets. The items up for bid included a 5-hour private meeting with Donovan, in which he offered to talk on any topic, musical or private, with the winner. The auction began with $2500 and reached $4500. There was another auction for a coffee with David Lynch at his house, which started with $1000 and ended in $2000.

Adam Gaynor (Matchbox 20) and Mathew St. Patrick (Six Feet Under) hosted the evening. Love them!

A luxuirous converted movie theater, the El Rey was a perfect Art-Deco venue filled with Donovan fans of all ages.

The Great Donovan...

Bob Roth showed a video about the Foundation and introduced David Lynch.

David Lynch, Russell Brand (DLF supporter) and Bob Roth backstage discussing their next big idea...

Adrien Daller and Erin Skipper (not pictured) were my absolute heroes during this event. No one sees how much goes on behind the scenes, but these girls give their all and always with a smile.

Russell Brand, The Great Donovan, Emily Lynch (David's wife) and David Lynch.

We are big fans of Russell at DLF.TV (who isn't?). I love when he supports our events!

Photos are credited to Adam Latham. More photos and a replay of the event can be seen on DLF.TV.


Lots of press generated from this event–before and after (over 300 articles). Some of the coverage included:

Rolling Stone


Huffington Post

Filter Magazine



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Legendary folk-rock-pop troubadour DONOVAN (“Mellow Yellow,” “Sunshine Superman,” “Epistle to Dippy,” “There is a Mountain,” “Wear Your Love Like Heaven,” “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” etc.) will headline a benefit concert for the David Lynch Foundation on Friday, March 19 at the El Rey Theater, 5515 Wilshire Blvd., in Los Angeles.

Doors will open at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

“The Beatles and I brought back from India the lost art of meditation. Now with David Lynch, we pass it on to thousands of students world-wide . Join us to help save the world! Change Begins Within!”, Donovan tells us as he prepares for the big night.

Donovan will be joined by his daughter Astrella Celeste and backing band Jerry Vivino, Scott Healy & Mike Merritt (from the Conan O’Brien late night band), Danny Saber (on guitar) with special guests Jack Maness (Sublime), The Global Sound Lodge featuring Lanny Cordola & Matt Sorum (of Guns n Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Cult), Amrita Sen and more TBA.

Mathew St. Patrick, from Six Feet Under, will host the evening performances.

“This will be a unique and heartfelt performance that every music lover will want to experience,” said concert promoter Jason Rothberg.

For information and interviews, contact Heather Hartnett

* General Admission: $25.00
* VIP Tickets: $110 (includes a meet and greet with Donovan after the show & VIP seating)


* 7:30 pm: Doors open
* 8:30 pm: Bruce Nathan (Every Boy) on vox
* 9:00 pm: Blessed the Strange
* 9:35 pm: Jack Maness (Sublime)
* 10:00 pm: Donovan & Friends – Donovan will be joined by daughter, Astrella Celeste, Jerry Vivino, Scott Healy & Rick Reed (from the Conan O’Brien Late Night Band). Throughout Donovan’s set, he will be also be joined by special guests, Lanny Cordola & Matt Sorum (of Guns n Roses and Velvet Revolver), POE, Amrita Sen, Danny Saber (Black Grape/Alice Cooper), Matt Costa, Ruby Friedman, Bob Forrest (Thelonious Monster) and Carla Olson (Textones)
* 11:30 pm: The Paris Escovedo Project


About Donovan —

Donovan was one of the few artists to collaborate on songs with Beatles Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. Donovan has played with folk greats Pete Seeger, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, as well as rock musicians Jimmy Page, Jon Bonham & Jon Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck as well as Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. Recently Donovan completed the successful album “Beat Cafe” as well as a new box set “Try For The Sun: The Journey of Donovan” and a book, “The Autobiography of Donovan: The Hurdy Gurdy Man” (Arrow Books).

Donovan is now heading up the musical wing of the David Lynch Foundation, fulfilling his 40-year interest in Transcendental Meditation. DONOVAN, his wife Linda, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are currently promoting Transcendental Meditation in schools.

Find Donovan on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr YouTube and iTunes

About The David Lynch Foundation —

The David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace was founded in July 2005 by the award winning filmmaker David Lynch with the immediate goal of teaching one million at-risk youth to meditate. The Foundation has already provided over 100,000 scholarships for students to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique, as well as inmates and guards in prisons, formerly homeless men in re-entry programs, soldiers with PTSD returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and American Indians suffering from diabetes.

About David Lynch Foundation Television (DLF.TV) — www.DLF.TV

In April 2009, David Lynch launched David Lynch Foundation Television (DLF.TV): The Online TV Channel, which, in David’s words, “Documents programs that awaken creativity and transform lives.” DLF.TV showcases high quality video content from David Lynch Foundation programs and events, debuts compelling profiles and documentaries, and explores all aspects of creativity.

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