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Ever think you’d make a good-looking robot? Well today you can test your theory! The Google Creative Lab just unleashed their Androidify app on Android Market at the Mobile World Congress today. Starting with the standard green guy that we all know and love as a template, you can customize all the way down to a pair of nifty new kickers. Add clothes, facial hair, make him short and fat, tall and thin, or even add some super-stylish facial hair. A lovable Android to call your very own.

Why does an iPhone loving girl like myself take interest all of a sudden in an Android app? Because this newest trending sensation is the brain child of the very talented Jonathan Jarvis from the Google Creative Lab. Congratulations to the Androdify team for an incredible success with over 50,000 downloads in the first few hours.

Make sure to check-out the Androidify website, or the Android Market to download the app, and get creating. If you need some inspiration check out the video below.

If you like the app, send a tweet to @JonathanJarvis and let him know!

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As I get older the significance of my birthday seems to change. I remember when I was a kid this important day meant the world to me. The party, the attention, the feeling of being special for a whole day, this is what you looked forward to all year. Now, birthdays are more of a yearly reflection. What have I done this past year? Where am I compared to last year? What do I want to accomplish in this year moving forward?

I never expected my life to take the direction it has. In fact, working for a film director’s non-profit foundation that teaches at-risk youth meditation was probably the last thing I expected to do at age 27.  Just because I never expected it, doesn’t mean I am not loving every bit of it. I feel that I have many “callings” in my life, but a common theme that I hope to keep throughout is the genuine desire to want to change the world. I want to help people. I want to provide for the less fortunate, give people a life free from suffering, and spread awareness of those things I believe in most.

When I was 7 a successful birthday was having all of my best friends show up to my party (probably at the roller rink), getting a new party dress and eating my mom’s famous chocolate cake. At age 27 my idea of a successful birthday is being surrounded by good people, being thankful for my good fortunes, and being a part of something that is helping people (maybe still eating my mom’s famous chocolate cake).

Today, for my birthday, I was able to tour one of the most successful re-entry facilities for the homeless in New York City. I was so impressed with this operation; it felt like the Harvard of homeless shelters. This particular foundation is a year long program with unprecedented statistics of graduates staying off of the streets and out of prison. They restore self worth, self-confidence, and overall well-being in the lives of these men. The men give back to their communities and earn a living wage.  I met several of them and heard their compelling stories of how their life took the turn that it did and how thankful they are to have the great fortune of being at this facility.  There are wellness tools of every kind available to these gentlemen. They are given the opportunity to learn how to use computers, job search, and even coached on how to give a successful interview. They are given a second chance.

These men are committed to changing their lives and in doing so, they are very interested in integrating meditation in their daily routines. The men that have started have seen dramatic results. Feeling a sense of inner peace, self-confidence and calm that they never thought possible. I work for a foundation that can provide that for them!

I also tried something new this birthday. I asked for donations instead of presents. I used a Facebook cause page and raised almost $1,000 on my birthday for the David Lynch Foundation. I want to thank everyone who donated on behalf of my birthday. I encourage everyone to try this out. It gave me a reason to be excited about my birthday. It may sound like a corny Hallmark card, but there truly is no greater gift that you can receive than the joy you get from helping others. Look how many people joined me!